1) In Tokyo, many people do not know who their neighbors are.  If you get asked by one of the residents or maintenance people in passing who you are, you can simply let them know that you are a friend/guest staying at my apartment.  They shouldn't question you more than that. If you come across any other issues, please feel free to contact me.



2) During your stay, there may be service people (Gas, Phone, Internet, Inspectors, etc.) who buzz the room from the 1st floor.  You will see their face appear on the intercom security panel.  Please IGNORE the bell.  They will leave a note in my mailbox to reschedule the visit.  If you end up opening the door, it may cause additional confusion, as they do not speak any English.  


3) Please let me know in advance if you would like to have something delivered to the apartment, such as luggage or other packages.  I can help ensure that the package is delivered properly.